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Lawn Mowing

We provide professional lawn maintenance to all residential lawns.  Nick's Lawn And Landscape doesn't just cut grass, we make your yard live up to its full potential, even in those hot summer months.

Shrub Maintenance

We also provide professional shrub maintenance and removal service.  Wether, you want to have your shrub removed or just trimmed up, we do it all!

Tree Maintenance

Nick's Lawn And Landscape also provides tree trimming, pruning, and sculpting service.  Your trees will look its best, if done by us. 

Mulch Installation

Mulch installation is also a service we provide as a landscape company.  We guarantee your garden or landscape beds will look their best.

Rock Installation 

Rock installs are a great alternative to mulch if you don't like constant maintenance.  Also it is a cheaper alternative because with rock you only have to reinstall every few years.


Planting trees, shrubs, and flowers is also a service we provide.  Plants, in addition to your landscape beds will really make your outdoors lush and beautiful. 


If you don't like getting on your hands and knees and picking weeds, then let us know because we also offer weed picking service.  These stubborn creatures are just an eyesore, so let us do the dirty work!

Leaf Cleanup

Nick's Lawn And landscape also provides fall leaf  cleanups and removal.  We have the right equipment to remove them fast and efficiently, getting your lawn back to looking good.